Shopping Mall Management System

Software as a Service

According to SMMS, our main purposes are covering all the needs of organization in one platform and isolating all kinds of human faults. By collecting the right data at the right place, decision takers can take into account all their needs into organization. So, decreasing management costs and analysing intact data always makes us happy.

Functional Properties


Real time data can be seen on the cockpit screen as a dashboard per user group. So, the information you need is just in front of you.

Board of Directors

Board of directors can manage mall plan, rental areas or contracts even if they are at home. They can even manage online meetings.

Mall Management

Managers can get significant information and interfere immediately, if nedeed. So, the important thing is to show the big picture to the managers or relevant personel.


Accountants may have lots of information about shopping mall income or expense. With the integration capability, system can manage all accounting information regardless of human interference.


Finance department can manage bank accounts, assets, cheques, bills, guarantee letters and budget planning within one platform. So, easing financial procedures, SMMS can manage instant analytic data.

Law Management

Subcontracted lawyers may have capability to reach relevant files for each liquidated damages with regard to contracts. System automatically take action and give information to relevant personal as to tracks contracts and evaluates them.

Leasing Management

In responsible for leasing, the department may maintain rental policy on system to hire available places. System calculates minimum retal price as to which place is available to rent with the weighted performance note.

Operations & Technics

According to the logistics needs of mall, managers who are responsible for sustaining or repairing malfunction areas can easily manage them through work orders.


With the service of security either taken from subcontractor or not, the system may have capability to manage daily security issues, such as goods receipt report, late/early shops openning, lost/found reports.

Shops Management

All shops in the mall have their own account in system, so they can easily track current movements, daily endorsements, electricity or water consumption bills. They can even call a repair request though system.


Customer relations may easily managable by helpdesk entries on system. Personal stated at the entrance of the malls are just symbols. Customers can reach to mall through phone and cause instant actions to their requests, such as recommendations, lost property notice or campaign reqeust.


As stated here, all modules related each other and have big data. So, the reporting need is quite a big problem. We have achieved it by brand new techologies to reach correct information at the time user needs.
System Properties

Messaging App

Internal messaging ability makes every orders formal. With the group chat capability ever personel take orders from system. System also manage automatically triggered actions, such as contract due date is reached.

User Management

Every user within the system have priviledges to reach any action. This restriction designed as user roles when a personel is first assigned to the system. So, every user have permission based restriction in line with the assigned role.


The system is designed taking into account managing customizable needs. So, when a parameter is changed, the system can understand the new and old value resembles. For example; notification sent by system can be customized as to who can receive them.


This capability can facilitate exchanging information outside of the system for both ways. Legacy accounting system, bank account tracking, exchange rate and weather forecast knowledge are some of integrated capabilities.
  • Professional Security Infrastructure
  • Easy, Practical and Understandable Interface
  • Experienced Technical Support Team
  • User Friendly