Turnstile Management System

Easing to Pass

Imagine that you are in the queue for the concert you wait for a long time but you can’t stand still even one more second. So, we have the best solution for your organization. If you aim to sell tickets with several sources such as; online, campaign organizations, middlemans or counter, then you are at the right place.

Functional Properties


Real time data can be seen on the cockpit screen as a dashboard per user group. So, the information you need is just in front of you.

Board of Directors

The board of directors can easily access all the turnstile information thanks to the Turnstile management system.

Turnstile Management

Managers can access the live data of the turnstiles and intervene if necessary.


Accountants can easily access the date-based earnings of turnstiles through the system.They can have a lot of information about winnings.


Thanks to reporting, we make data more efficient for users. Thus, we improve the quality of the data obtained.


Thanks to the turnstile system, it will be possible to easily detect who enters and exits the business during the day.

Business Administration

Administrators can retrieve important information and intervene in the system when necessary.

Operations and Techniques

Managers, who are responsible for the maintenance and repair of fault areas according to the needs of the enterprises, can easily manage them through work orders.
System Properties

Ticket Management

Ticket managers; It is designed to manage pricing, ticketing, sales, date-based reporting and many transactions from a single platform.

Campaign Management

Thanks to it, a module is created for the campaigns to be made in certain periods of the year. With this module, the data obtained through the campaigns is reflected in the reports and provides the opportunity to analyze in detail.

Online Sales

Thanks to the Online Sales feature, online ticket sales can be made through the system. This structure, which provides extremely secure and fast transactions, offers the user a higher quality and privileged service.

Opportunity Sites

It is possible to sell tickets online through the system through contracted companies. Thus, we offer the opportunity to sell tickets to many businesses. In this way, users can easily access sales information through the system.
  • Easy, Practical and Understandable Interface

  • User friendly

  • Experienced Technical Support Team